Allotz Autopilot Channel and Yield Manager

Allotz Autopilot ensures your room inventory is in the right place, at the right price, at the right time - for maximum revenue yield. The 3 integrated components: Channel Manager, Yield Manager and Booking Engine is what sets Allotz Autopilot apart from any other channel manager:


Channel Manager graphicHOTEL CHANNEL MANAGER:

Allotz Autopilot Channel Manager has real time XML connection with major distribution channels. The real time connection means that you can publish all of your room inventory to the worldwide distribution channels instantly.

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Yield Manager graphicHOTEL YIELD MANAGER:

Allotz Autopilot is the world's only channel manager that has a real-time integrated Yield Manager. This intelligent system adjusts your room rates for maximum yield. Did you know that by increasing your room rate by just 1% in peak periods can mean as much as 30% increase in net profit? That is how significant and important yield management can be for your business.

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Booking Engine GraphicHOTEL BOOKING ENGINE:

The Allotz Autopilot Booking Engine allows you to incentivise direct bookings with specials, extras  and promotion codes. Encouraging direct bookings will allow you to further increase your profits by not having to pay any commission to the OTA's.

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