What Would It Mean For Your Business If You Could Automate Room Distribution & Reservations

There's no need to look any further than Allotz Autopilot for an all-in-one channel management solution. So what exactly makes Allotz Autopilot a superior channel manager.

Automate Your Business to Success

Where the competition has you constantly updating rates in channels and performing repetitive tasks, Allotz Autopilot runs hands-free. A successful property requires business systems in place to run your company efficiently, without systems properties find it hard to improve and increase profitability. Staff get caught-up in repetitive and mundane tasks such as monitoring and adjusting rates in channels to meet customer demand, instead of spending time making sure guests are happy, amenities are maintained and all your other advertising and media are working for you too.

Allotz Autopilot has the distinct advantage whereby; it can be set up with all your rates, seasons and allotments for years in advance it will run automatically for the future. Leaving you more time to run a successful business.  

allotz channel manager

Easy and Powerful Technology

Allotz Autopilot has direct connections to all of the major accommodation channels therefore; bookings are received immediately, no more frustrating delays in receiving reservations that can result in over-bookings. Having total and immediate control over your rates and allocations will lead to your properties overall success.

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