Travel is an inherently shareable event on social media platforms, and hotels can take advantage of the effect of online sharing to drive awareness of properties, special offers and unique incentives.

Allotz provides a technology platform, the Konnector, that is disruptive to the current hospitality marketplace by taking advantage of new consumer behaviour associated with the fastest growing segment in travel, social media.

The Konnector From Allotz


The Konnector sifts through conversations occurring on social media to identify people who are asking for travel advice and recommendations.  It gives hotels the ability to identify potential guests and engage with them, either automated or manually, in a one-to-one contextually relevant manner to promote their hotel features.

The Konnector’s data aggregation capability is also a key differentiator from other social media tools in that it allows hotels to gain deeper insights into their consumer’s online behaviours and their own online marketing strategies. Gathering such data is beneficial in testing and optimising different marketing tactics to ensure a return on social media strategies.


Top 5 Advantages

1. Identify: Target new customers who are engaged and expressed interest in traveling to your hotel.

2. Stay Relevant: Create dialogues to raise awareness and keep your brand relevant and top of mind.

3. Real Time Data Collection: Drill down from a high performance summary to gain deeper insights to optimize different marketing tactics.

4. Save Time: Automated responses through a self-learning system to reach and influence more consumers 24/7.

5. Communicate Pro-actively: Don’t wait for a customer to find you; the Konnector matches your hotel to potential customers.