How to Increase Your Hotel Room Sales

Are You Satisfied With Your Room Sales And Revenue Yields?

The new Allotz AutoPilot channel management system released this month will automatically lift room sales and maximise revenue yields for accommodation providers according to Martin McConnachie, President of

Described as ‘the next generation in channel management’, Allotz AutoPilot automatically allocates room inventory and adjusts pricing at lightning fast speeds using direct XML connections to ensure rooms are available at the right price wherever there is consumer demand.

‘Even if you have a channel manager distributing your room inventory to online travel agents, you are still missing out on the full range of business benefits the latest accommodation management technology has to offer’ Mr McConnachie said today.  

‘We all know that maximising revenue yields to increase profitability is critical for business survival, yet the process of manually setting and managing room rates to remain competitive is incredibly time consuming. It is so easy to get it wrong.’

‘To overcome this issue, Allotz AutoPilot was developed with the help of mathematicians from a leading university and is the most advanced fully integrated automatic channel and yield management system using XML connections of its kind in the world’.

‘The system’s unique distribution optimiser automatically allocates and re-allocates room inventory across all your chosen distribution channels in an instant wherever there is customer demand, ensuring maximum availability and sales.

‘And at the same time, Allotz Autopilot’s revenue optimiser automatically sets and adjusts your room pricing across all your distribution channels according to supply, consumer demand and competitor pricing in real time so that you get the best possible revenue yields.

 ‘Allotz AutoPilot is already transforming many accommodation businesses by automatically optimising room occupancy and revenue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

‘The improvement in room sales and revenue yields can have a substantial positive impact on the profitability of any accommodation business, in whatever sector, wherever they are located.

‘Having Allotz AutoPilot working for your business also saves time and money by reducing the need for constant human input into the sales and pricing process’ he said.


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